Checklist For Cold room and Freezer room Installation

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Ever wonder what is required for a successful installation of Cold rooms and freeze rooms?

To help our clients construct cost effective and durable cold and freezer rooms, we have compiled a checklist for most of the aspects concerning Cold room and freezer room installations.

Sit tight and follow.

  •  All room enclosures have been installed and are of the correct size
  • Wall, floor and ceiling finishes are as specified.
  • All enclosure panel joints are tightly butted together.
  • There are no gaps around room door seals
  • Door seal heater elements are fitted
  • Freezer room pressure relief vents are fitted and operate correctly
  • Internal tungsten lighting has been fitted, operates correctly and produces the specified minimum lighting level throughout the room
  • Shelving units are of the specified size, material and have been set up with adjustable shelves correctly spaced.
  • Enclosures are marked with the correct temperature zone symbol sticker.
  • Heater mats have been fitted under floor panels and operate correctly

The following is a detailed guideline on how you can install Cold room panels effectively and at a cost effective price.

         Coldrooms and freezerrooms  are made on order, we can use the maximum space you have available.

  • Lighting

Make sure to appropriate enough lighting for the room in which the Cold and Freezer rooms ( Koelkamer en Vrieskamer)   will be installed. Note, this may need specialized lighting equipment.

  • Ventilation and Drainage 

All cold and freezer room condensing units require proper ventilation and a drainage system for the blower coil, which takes out water from the rooms.

Now that you have checked out the checklist, wondering what to do next, relax we have you covered, just fill in the contact form, we will be at your service.

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