Mortuary Cabinet

3 Tier Mortuary Cabinet

Demo unit with brand new refrigeration

As a company we are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, quality service and superb products. Our purpose built mortuary cabinets run on 2 degrees.


Outside dimensions: 950 x 2400 x 2050mm

Insulation thickness: 100mm

Condensing unit: 3/4Hp   

Running temperature: 2°C


  • Mortuary cabinets are portable.  That means you can rest assured that if your business moves, your container can move with it.
  • Tight Construction:  These units are in one piece with no assembly required.  They are manufactured to seal tight with minimal air leakage and maximum thermal efficiency.

portable cold room

This item is for collection at our premises in Pretoria.

The price excludes VAT.

Jannie – 082 413 1120