Cold & Freezer room Architrave Glass Doors

This Cold & Freezer room glass doors are complete fixed door frames ,heated to prevent condensation and come complete with lighting to enhance the appearance of the product in the cold / freezer room.

Architrave frames can hold up to a maximum of 5 doors within the one frame. These doors are used in many different conditions and as such is designed to operate in those conditions.

An example is where the frame is used on a cold room, with an inside temperature of +2C and an external ambient of +30C, here we use a normal temperature frame with standard normal temperature unheated doors.

Where the doors are used on a freezer , the inside temperature can be as low as -25C , with an ambient of +30C so the difference is 55C. Here a low temperature application is used with extra heating in the frame, and heated doors.

LED lighting is standard on all reach-in units.

Standard sizes for doors are 1895 x 760mm and 1935 x 800mm

Non standard sizes are available on request.

Cold & Freezer room Slam on Glass Doors

Slam On glass doors are glass doors with an aluminum frame. They are commonly used to display products inside the cold / freezer room. These doors are mounted directly onto the cold room panel.

Slam On doors are available in both powder coated “Structured Black” or “Natural Anodized” finishes, and are supplied complete with hinges, hinge pins, gaskets, springs and handles. Slam on Doors come in two standard sizes:

1895 x 760mm and,

1935 x 800mm.

Custom sizes can be made on request

Slam on Doors come complete with a magnetic door seal (gasket) and a self closing spring that ensures the door seals the cold room from the outside temperatures.