Cold and Freezer room info

Centigrade’s modular cold rooms are designed to ensure years of fault-free operation at the highest levels of thermal efficiency. Suitable for all manner of industries, most common applications include: hotels, restaurants, butcheries, service stations, retailers, liqueur stores, mortuary’s etc.

Cold Rooms

Every cold room is manufactured and designed to optimize the intended use. Most cold rooms are designed to sustain a temperature between 1 to 5°C and are engineered to keep a consistent temperature throughout the room.

Freezer Rooms

Each of our custom built freezers are constructed to withstand the rigors of low temperature environments. We can design freezers to hold temperatures stable down to -30°C. Additionally, we engineer our freezers according to usage and length of time doors are open to ensure the most constant climate possible at all times.

Preparation area’s

Our preparation area’s can be designed to fit almost any specification. Each room is designed to ensure that products and operations within the facility are neither damaged nor impacted by external factors and are customized to maintain a consistent temperature, regardless of use, time of year, or weather conditions.

Glass door Cold & Freezer rooms

The Glass doors used for cold and freezer rooms have double glazed & toughened glass to give a full vision display of produce.

This type of system is widely used by Service stations, liquor stores and super market outlets.

It can be designed to any size to suit the clients requirements

Private Residences

Improve your living with a Walk in Cold or Freezer room. We have extensive expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing of domestic cold / freezer rooms. Manufactured according to your specifications and needs.

For residences we make use of a special Quiet refrigeration unit which are ideal for suburban cold rooms. The relationship between you and your neighbors should really be as harmonious as possible. It is, after all, simply the polite and neighborly thing to do to be mindful of those who live around you.