Insulated Panels

Cold room and Freezer room panels

Centigrade’s insulated panels offers a complete bespoke design for cold & Freezer rooms, providing flexible solutions to suit any environment.

Range of panel widths and heights all manufactured in our factory 50 – 200mm polystyrene insulated panels for thermal efficiency.
Our panels consist of standard1200mm wide Left and Right hand corners giving you the option to move the standard panels, standard corners or standard door frame around as you like.

There is a comprehensive range of door options –  Cold & Freezer room swing doors, Personnel doors for busy preparation areas, Glass doors (Slam on & Architrave) and sliding doors which are ideal in areas where space is an issue.

Included accessories in all our cold and freezer room insulated panel packages are – Bulk head light fitting, light switch & 7w LED globe, Aluminium angle, silicone, screws, nail in anchors and thermometer.

Panels is Manufactured from Virgin Grade Expanded Polystyrene cladded with 0.5mm white ArcelorMittal Chromadek®

Product Applications

  • Industrial Applications
  • Refrigeration Warehouse
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Food Distribution
  • Ice Plants
  • Blast and Spiral Freezers
  • Commercial Applications
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience Stores
  • Bakery
  • Floral
  • Catering

Standard panel width –

Barrier strip joint – 1200mm

Tongue & Groove joint – 1170mm

Panel length available up to x 9500mm

Insulated Panels are available in 12 , 15 , 20 , 24 and 30kg/m³ Expanded Polystyrene .

Insulated Panels
Insulated Panels

Information about materials used in Insulated Panels.

General Chromadek description

CHROMADEK® is a Electro-galvanised substrate that has been coated with a high gloss coating with excellent decorative purposes.

The top coat paint system has been specifically developed for the harsh African sun (UV environment)

Chromadek® has the following advantages:

  • Improved edge protection
  • Less prone to formability cracking that could lead to corrosion problems
  • All Chromadek® and Chromadek Ultim® material is branded on the back of the sheet.
  • Chromadek® is the registered trademark for the range of organic coated steels manufactured solely by ArcelorMittal South Africa.
  • By specifying Chromadek®, the purchaser can be certain that the product has been comprehensively tested and evaluated with full technical back-up.

More about EPS
EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is a lightweight cellular material derived from petroleum and natural gas by-products. It is a material which is used extensively in the building and construction industry as insulation, and has many attributes, not least of which is its proven safety record during all stages of its life cycle – from production, during use, through to re use or recycling. 

No CFC’s
EPS consists of organic materials, making it one of the most ecologically harmless products available. 

EPS is recycled into a variety of products such as picture frames, curtain rods, skirting and decking. It can also be broken down, mixed with refuse and burnt as fuel, or provide aeration which assists in the breakdown of organic matter in landfills. 

EPS offers the best price/performance ratio compared to any other insulation material 

Easy to transport
EPS is almost as light as air, so it saves fuel in transport 

Easy to install
EPS is light, practical, safe and easy to handle and install 

Health aspects
EPS presents no dangers to health in insulation and use 

Moisture resistant
EPS resists degradation by water 

Extremely safe
EPS is non-toxic and totally inert. Unlike gas extruded polystyrene (XPS) it contains no Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) or Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC’s), and never has at any time during its life cycle. It has no nutritional value, so no fungi or micro-organism can grow within EPS. 

Lifetime durability
EPS does not decompose. It therefore provides lifetime durability.